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Creative Sewing Club

Club members will make a variety of bags from tote bags to project pouches and everything in between. Students will learn finishing tips and tricks for a professional looking finished product This club is designed for anyone who owns a sewing machine from entry level to top of the line. All levels of sewers are welcome.

November 2023
Chateau Coat


Creative Sewing Club
Ruth Locke

I can’t believe that we are already at our last meeting of Creative Sewing Club 2023! This year has flown by, and I think we have saved out most exciting project for last. I knew I wanted to make a quilted coat this year and it has taken me some time to find the perfect coat pattern.  The Chateau Coat is great for sewers new to garment sewing and can be purchased at Mel’s, unlike other patterns that are only available online. It is an oversized coat and will be a pleasure to make and wear.

Be sure to complete the prep work for class. This will make it more likely that you will finish your coat in class.


Chateau Coat Pattern**

Quilt to be cut up for the coat.

2 yards of fabric for bias binding.

40WT Cotton Thread for top thread and bobbin*

Machingers Quilting Gloves**

Wonder Clips*

Straight pins*

Small ruler to check seam widths*
Ruler, rotary cutter, mat (for cutting bias binding.)*

 Jeans Needles 90/14*
Walking Foot or Dual feed foot. We will be sewing ¼”, ½” and edge stitches.

Basic Sewing Supplies

Sewing machine in good working order with slide on table.

*available @ Mel’s

**special order from Mel’s

Download Supply List

Prep work to be finished before class:

  1. Source and quilt to cut up for your quilt. Purchase supplies and patterns at Mel’s. Bring the needed supplies to class.
  2. Cut out the pattern parts for the coat. 2 back pieces, 2 front pieces, 2 -4 patch pockets, and 1 collar support piece.  (Using patten weights and a very small rotary cutter might help with this process.)
  3. Label all your coat parts.