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Creative Sewing Club

Club members will make a variety of bags from tote bags to project pouches and everything in between. Students will learn finishing tips and tricks for a professional looking finished product This club is designed for anyone who owns a sewing machine from entry level to top of the line. All levels of sewers are welcome.

April 2024
Rope Bowl



Creative Sewing Club 2024
Ruth Locke

Welcome to Creative Sewing Club 2024! I’m looking forward to a year of sewing adventures with you.

I am very excited about this month’s project. I really like the way that the small splashes of color pop against the cream of the rope. These bowls make a great gift or fun decor addition to your home. Students will learn the fabric wrapping method to bowl making and how to successfully sew a bowl and finish the project. One skein of 100 yards of clothesline makes about a 12” round by 8” deep bowl. In class you will have time to make a set of bowls.

2 skeins of Gypsy Quilter 100% Cotton Clothesline*

⅛ yard of 5-7 fabrics*

King Tut 40Wt cotton thread (I would get a King Spool. I used #972 which matches the clothesline. You can also use up thread to have a more distinct look. I would suggest 40Wt thread and if you are using up thread, bring about 2000 yards of thread.) *

5 Empty Bobbins*

Wonder Clips 50 count or more*

Small empty trash can or similar container

Elmers White School Glue

Red Solo Cup

6” x 12” Creative Grids Ruler, rotary cutter, 12”x18” Olfa Cutting mat*

Jeans Needles 90/14*

Bohin Straight Pins*

2”x 6” of cork or leather scraps to finish the bowl. (Optional)

Foot #20 or open toe embroidery foot*

Sewing machine in good working order

Basic sewing supplies. *

*Available at Mel's
** Special order from Mel's

Downlaod Supply List

Prep work to be finished before class

No prep work for class.