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Embroidery Club

This club will explore all avenues of embroidery from monograms to quilting in the hoop, and everything in between. This is a hands on embroidery class, where you will learn techniques that can be applied to all types of projects. Any model of machine is welcome.
  • September - October 2023
    Embroidered Pouch


                                     Embroidery Club September-October

This month in Embroidery Club, we will start month one of an embroidered clutch. This project uses an OESD pillow blank and the zipper for the clutch is already sewn into the pillow blank. Month one will be embroidering both sides of the blank and then month two will be constructing the clutch. There is a lot of freedom with this project. Choose your favorite set of embroidery designs that have been waiting for that special project. I picked a Tula Pink set and filled both sides of my pillow blank with flowers, birds, and a snake. A set of designs that have a variety of sizes and shapes would be the perfect choice for this project because we will be playing around with filling up the space of the pillow blank by multiple hoopings. I have included a few sets of designs that will work for this project, but you might already own some that would be perfect to use.


Embroidery Designs of your choice, here are a few from OESD that would work:

          #51289 Moonlit Wings

          #90041 Moon Garden (I used this one.)

          #80349 Hummingbirds and Honeysuckle

          #80358 Sewing Room 2

          #90031 Aerial

          #12485 Layered Leaves

Isacord Threads* for your chosen designs.

OESD Pillow Blank*

OESD TearAway either Heavy or Medium Weight*

OESD Fusible Woven*

OESD Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth*

505 Spray*

Embroidery Needle Sharp 75/11*

Hoop (Size will depend on your largest design. I used my Maxi hoop and filled the hoop.)

Embroidery Foot

Straight Stitch Plate

Sewing Machine and Embroidery Module in good working order.

Basic Embroidery Supplies

Fabric Marking Pen or Pencil

* purchase from Mel's
**special order from Mel's


Prep work to be finished before class:

1. Gather your needed supplies.
2. Cut (2) 13.5”x 13.5” squares of OESD Fusible Woven and iron one onto each wrong side of
 the pillow blank.
3. Print out the thread guide for your chosen design.