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Embroidery Club

This club will explore all avenues of embroidery from monograms to quilting in the hoop, and everything in between. This is a hands on embroidery class, where you will learn techniques that can be applied to all types of projects. Any model of machine is welcome.
  • February 2024

    Hard to Hoop 101: Onesies and Beanies



          Embroidery Club February 2024

Welcome to Embroidery Club 2024! I am very excited that you will be joining me on this exciting embroidery adventure. My goals for the club are that you will increase your knowledge of machine embroidery and experiment with new kinds of projects this year. It is going to be a fun year.

For our first month, we are going to tackle hard to hoop stretchy items like baby onesies or beanies.  (Students could also bring other items they want help hooping. Look for stretchy items.) These items are hard to hoop but the stretch in the fabric make them hard to stabilize too. Students will learn hooping options and about which stabilizers help the best with these stretch fabrics.  Students are welcome to use any design for this project, but you want to pick a design with very low stitch counts. I have suggested a few design sets below.  Please prewash your project before class.

Club starts in February, but we will have a Club Open House Jan 26 and 27 10am-4pm at the Tustin location for students to ask questions and purchase supplies.


OESD #12819 Tiny Treasures**

OESD #51215 Tiny Holiday**

OESD #12903 Tiny Baby**

Onesies or Beanies add embroidery designs to.

Isacord Threads needed for your chosen deigns*

Empty Bobbin. (You will want the bobbin to match the color of your project.)

Organ 75/11 Ballpoint Needles*

OESD AquaMesh Plus*

OESD Stitch H2O Topper*

OESD Gentle Touch Backing*

OESD Fusible PolyMesh*

OESD Perfect Scoring Tool*

Iron and Mat

6”x 12” Creative Grids Ruler/Rotary Cutter

Chalk or removable marking pen of some sort*

Sewing Machine and Module in good working order.

Small and Medium hoops with grids. Bring your smallest hoop.

Wonder Clips*

Straight Pins*

Basic Sewing and Embroidery Supplies

 **Special Order from Mel’s       *Available at Mel’s


Prep work to be finished before class:

Gather your needed supplies.

Attend the Club Open House Jan 26th or 27th at the Tustin store if you have questions or need to order supplies.

Prewash the onesies or beanie before class.