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Creative Sewing Club

Club members will make a variety of bags from tote bags to project pouches and everything in between. Students will learn finishing tips and tricks for a professional looking finished product This club is designed for anyone who owns a sewing machine from entry level to top of the line. All levels of sewers are welcome.

April 2023
All Things Tote


Creative Sewing Club

Welcome to our second month together at Creative Swing Club. This month we are going to make a fun new pattern from Knot and Thread, the All the Things Tote. I really like this bag. It comes together easily and is a great size for toting all the things around. To finish this bag in class, you must quilt your pieces at home, cut out all the pieces and bring them to class with you. BUT, if you get stuck, feel free to reach out to me and we can work on these steps in class. Your bag will just take a little longer to finish. Please read through the pattern and the instructions below.

These supplies are for the large tote:

All the Things Tote by Knot and Thread**

Main Fabric 1 yard

Lining Fabric 1 yard

Accent Fabric ¾ yard

1 package ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable 36”x 58”*

1 package 1 ½” ByAnnie’s Handle Webbing**

 1 - 7 ¾” x 14¾” ByAnnie’s Base Stablizer**

40wt Cotton Thread with matching bobbins*

Creative Grids Circle Rulers**

6” or 8”x 24” Creative grids ruler (bring this to class)*

Olfa Rotary Cutter with mat*

Iron and Ironing mat**

Wonder Clips*
Gel Pen*
Tailors Chalk *
Loop Tuner*
Easy Threader*
Safety Pins
MicroTex Needles 90/14*
Jeans Needles 90/14*
Quilting Gloves**
505 Spray*
Straight pins*
¼” foot
Edge foot
Zigzag foot
Zigzag stitch plate

Free motion Foot or BSR (but this part is completed at home before class)

Sewing machine in good working order with slide on table, knee lift, power cord, and foot pedal. If you have a dual feed machine, I would bring that machine to class for this project.

Basic Sewing Supplies

*Available at Mel’s

**Special order from Mel’s


Prep work to be finished before class:


You must quilt your bag parts before class. This is a sandwich of your outer fabric, ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable, and the lining Fabric. You can quilt one bigger panel 36” x 42” or part by part. Quilting the individual parts will use a little more fabric but it might be easier to manage on your sewing machine. Remember, if you decide to quilt your sandwich’s part by part, you need to give yourself a few extra inches to account for shrinkage as you quilt. Example: the large bag body finished size if 18 ½” x 29 1/2 “, if I was going to quilt this by itself, I would cut my lining, soft and stable, and outer fabric all at 20 ½” x 31 ½”. Make sure you pin baste or spray baste (with 505 spray) your sandwich. When quilting, I use 40wt cotton thread and Microtex needles size 90/14. You want to free motion quilt in a curving or wavy design. Avoid straight lines. I find quilting gloves very helpful.

You need to quilt and cut out your bag parts. Bring them to class.

            Bag Body
            2 End Panels
            2 -4 Pockets

 Cut out Accent Fabric parts.

            2 Handles


           2 End Panel Bindings


           2 Pocket Bindings


           Stabilizer sleeve


If you would like to wait to cut out bias binding until class, you can.


If you have questions on completing these steps, you can finish them in class.


Purchase supplies from Mel’s. Some supplies will need to be special ordered.


Creative Sewing Club Basic Supplies:

Each month in Creative Sewing Club you will need to bring an assortment of basic sewing supplies. Instead of having to pull supplies from your sewing room, I would highly encourage you to invest in a sewing “Go Bag”-a bag packed and ready with common supplies you will use every month even if that means purchasing duplicate supplies. Below is my suggested list. Each month you need to bring these supplies.  

Wonder Clips*

Straight Pins*

Extra Bobbins

Olfa Cutting Mat 12” x 18”*

Olfa Rotary Cutter*

Smaller Ruler like a 3.5” or 4.5” square Creative Grids Ruler*

6”x 12” Creative Grids Ruler*

Painters Tape

Extra Cotton Thread in 40wt and 50wt*

Schmetz MicroTex Needles 80/12 and 90/14*

Schmetz Jeans Needles 80/12 and 90/14*

Ironing Mat*

Travel Iron*

Seam Ripper*

Karen Kay Buckley Scissors*

Small Thread snips*

Chaco Liner in White* 

Gel Pen in a bright color

Post-It Notes

Fabric Spray*

Anything else that YOU need to sew successfully. 

*Available at Mel’s

** Available by Special Order at Mel’s