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Foot Club

Explore and learn more about standard and specialty presser feet for your Sewing Machine Each class will be dedicated to one or more presser feet and/or attachment.

October 2021
Applique 4 Ways

Foot Club

5 sessions beginning in February
Yearly Fee: $75
Instructor: Susan Beck

Be sure to bring your machine to all club meetings

Please bring the following supplies to class:

  • Your sewing machine, power cord, foot control and accessories, including 1 empty bobbin
  • Basic sewing tools including scissors, pins and/or clips, and fabric marker.
  • Rotary cutter, ruler, cutting mat (up to size 12” x 18”)
  • Kit Fee and Presser Feet

Below is a list of topics and presser feet covered in each class. Please bring the listed feet each month.
The techniques we are stitching are from The BERNINA Big Book of Feet. It is not required to have
this book but if you do have it, I encourage you to bring it to class with you.


Mel’s Foot Club 2021



Presser Feet


Applique 4 Ways

Embroidery Foot #6
Open Embroidery Foot
Clear Embroidery Foot



Basic Rulerwork

Rulerwork Foot #72
Rulerwork Rulers