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Foot of the Month Club

10 sessions beginning in January
Yearly Fee: $125
Instructor: Susan Beck

Master the many uses of the specialty feet available for you sewing machine while making a fun quilt.

Tailor Tack Foot #7 Fringe Foot
Bulky Overlock Foot #12/12C Pearl and Piping Foot
Gathering Foot #16 Gathering Foot
Open Embroidery Foot #20/20C/20D Open Toe Foot
Invisible Zipper Foot #35 Invisible Zipper Foot
Spanish Hemstitch Attachment #47 Bridging Plate Set
Non-Stick Foot #52/52C/52D
Teflon Foot
Double Cord Foot #59C or #60C Double Cording Foot 4-6mm or 7-8mm
Free-Motion Couching Foot #43 Free-Motion Couching Foot
Hemmer foot #63 Hemmer Foot 3mm


1/8, 2/12, 3/12, 4/9, 5/14, no June date, 7/9, 8/13, 9/10, 10/1, 11/12, no December date
Tustin store: 10am-1pm
Anaheim store: 2pm-5pm

Supply List:

Mel’s Foot Club 2019


Each class will be dedicated to one or two presser feet and/or attachment. You will make technique swatches, so you can develop a reference notebook if you choose. In some classes, you will make a small project using the featured foot. In other classes, I will demonstrate additional feet and attachments as part of the class.


There is a $15 supply fee due at the first class. It will cover mounting cards, project supplies, and notions (such as cord, decorative threads, etc.) needed for some of the techniques.


Class Supplies


  • The fabrics pieces listed below should be medium weight woven fabric such as quilting cotton unless otherwise stated.
  • Polyester embroidery thread will work for all of these techniques. I have indicated where it will be good to have a color of thread that contrasts with the fabric, so the stitching will be visible.
  • We will be working with 5½” x 8½” mounting pages. You may want to purchase page protectors and a notebook (office supply stores), but that is optional.
  • The techniques we are stitching are from The BERNINA Big Book of Feet. It is not required to have this book but if you do have it, I encourage you to bring it to class with you.
  • If you have questions about the supplies below, we will be discussing them in Class #1.


Class Date


Baby Lock Feet



Tailor Tack Foot #7          

Open Embroidery Foot #20/20C/20D

Fringe Foot

Two fabric rectangles, 4”x 8”

One 8” fabric square

Contrasting color of thread

Two 8” Tear Away


Bulky Overlock Foot #12/12C

Double Cord Foot #59C or #60C

Pearl and Piping Foot

Double Cording Foot

4-6mm or 7-8mm

Three 8” fabric squares

3 bias strips, 1¾” x 8”

1 bias strip, 3” x 12”


Gathering Foot #16

Gathering Foot

Three fabric strips, 2” x 15” One 8” fabric square


Open Embroidery Foot #20/20C/20D

Quilting/Seam Guide

Open Toe Foot

Three 8” fabric squares

Contrasting color of thread

Four 8” Tear Away


Invisible Zipper Foot #35

Invisible Zipper Foot

Two fabric rectangles, 4”x 12” 9” Invisible Zipper


Spanish Hemstitch Attachment #47

Open Embroidery Foot #20/20C/20D

Bridging Plate Set

Open Toe Foot N

Three 10” pieces of ⅝” wide grosgrain ribbon (these can be the same or coordinating)

Thread can blend or contrast


Non-Stick Foot

Teflon Foot

Two 8” squares of leather or vinyl


Jeans Foot #8/8D

“J” Foot

Three 8” squares of medium weight denim


Free-Motion Couching Foot #43

Free-Motion Couching Foot

One 8” fabric square Two 8” Tear Away


Hemmer Foot #63

Hemmer Foot 3mm

One 12” fabric square

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