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Embroidery Club

This club will explore all avenues of embroidery from monograms to quilting in the hoop, and everything in between. This is a hands on embroidery class, where you will learn techniques that can be applied to all types of projects. Any model of machine is welcome.
  • April 2023
    Cord Keepers


                          EMBROIDERY CLUB 2023
                                       with Ruth Locke

This month we are going to make cord keepers! If your family is anything like mine, then charging cords are always getting misplaced and there is confusion over who’s is who’s. Right? These handy little keepers keep your cords organized and you can make a different keeper for each cord. They also fit on your sewing machine cords so you won’t lose track of them at class. Made from OESD Luxe embroidery Vinyl or cork, they are colorful and sleek. I like this design collection because it is easy to substitute your own thread color choices. In class you should have time to make 2 cord keepers.


 OESD #12915 Cord Keepers**

Isacord Thread * for your chosen designs. I use the thread list on the patterns.

Empty Bobbins so you can match threads at the last step. We will discuss this in class.

OESD Luxe Vinyl* or Cork, 2 pieces per design (front piece and back piece). Designs 1, 2, 5 and 6 are 6”x 6”. Design 3 is 6”x 5”. Design 4 is 7”x 5 ½”. *

OESD Light Weight TearAway Stablizers*

OESD Applique Fuse and Fix*

Iron and Ironing Mat**

Large Oval Hoop*

Organ Ballpoint 80/12 needles*

#15 Embroidery foot (with tipped up end) *

Sewing Machine and module in good working order with slide on table and power cord.

Straight Stitch Plate*

Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors, size Large or other sharp scissors*

Bernina Buttonhole Cutter and Block*

OESD Perfect Punch Tool*

2 sets Plastic Snaps size 20**

Plastic Snap Pliers

Basic Embroidery Supplies

*available at Mel’s

**Special order at Mel’s


 Prep work to be finished before class:

Print out pattern instructions.

Purchase supplies from Mel’s. Some supplies will need to be special ordered.